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Coronavirus Precautions and your Dental Visit

Do you have a dental appointment coming up?  Are you frightened by what you have been hearing on the news concerning the coronavirus?  Chances are, if you have answered yes to both of these questions you may be very anxious for your upcoming dental visit. The following tips and suggestions are meant to be applied to a dental visit but can certainly be applied to any appointment from haircuts to eye exams, to teeth cleanings.  Following these suggestions can certainly help, but if you ever have any specific health related concerns, always be sure to ask your personal physician! 1. If you are sick with a fever or persistent sneezing and coughing, it is a good idea to call your dentist and reschedule your visit. 2. If you have any emergent treatment needs, try to get these scheduled right away.  If the virus does escalate it is possible that cities may be placed on quarantine preventing routine dental visits. Getting emergent dental treatment taken care of now can prevent dental emergenc